Naturade Ageless Ultra T Gold, Male Testosterone Booster – 60 ea


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Dietary Supplement All-Natural Free Testosterone Booster* With clinically studied Testofen® Increases and Maintains Free Testosterone Levels* Promotes Healthy Libido & Muscle Mass* Supports Healthy Erectile Functions* Feel Younger, Look Younger, Live Younger-* Have the signs of Aging got you down? One of the most common signs of aging in men is gradual decline in free testosterone levels. By the time men reach their late thirties testosterone levels begin to decrease by 1-3% annually. By age 60, over 20% of men will have lowered testosterone levels which may impact energy, mood, libido, muscle mass maintenance and bone density. Many men want to support their quality of life by supporting their free testosterone levels. Clinically Studied Ingredient: May Increase Free Testosterone levels and Help Maintain Your Quality of Life!* Ageless Foundation Laboratories- the world leader in rejuvenation formula is proud to present Ultra T Gold-, a revolutionary supplement that naturally increases free testosterone levels.*, free testosterone levels in test subjects were shown to increase by over 98%. Testofen® acts like testosterone by binding to the testosterone receptor sites and creating testosterone-like activity in the body, thereby supporting healthy testosterone levels.* Each daily dose of Ultra T Gold- also contains a proprietary Male Enhancement Blend of L-Arginine and beneficial herbs, such as Saw Palmetto, Astragalus, Tribulus and Asian Ginseng, to help support enhanced male health and well-being.* Ultra T Gold- is a natural solution for increasing free testosterone levels and promoting healthy libido, immune function and muscle mass.* The result? The quality of life you expect! Boost your lifestyle with ultra T Gold- Clinical studies indicate the drug-free, all-natural Ultra T Gold-, containing patented Testofen®: Increases and maintains free testosterone levels* Promotes healthy libido & muscle mass* Supports healthy erectile functions* Enhances well-being and improves quality of life!* *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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