Pure Protein Snack Bar Chocolate Deluxe – 1.75 oz.


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America’s Protein Bar™ 20g Protein 0g Trans Fat 1g Net Carb Naturally & Artificially Flavored Get a dose of good taste with a Pure Protein® Chocolate Deluxe Bar. This deliciously sinful protein bar is pure high protein indulgence that gives you 20g of protein, 1g net carbohydrate per serving, and over 14 essential nutrients including 20% of your daily requirement for many important vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C and Calcium. Pure Protein® Chocolate Deluxe Bars can be incorporated into many dieting plan, but are especially good for high proteinlow carbohydrate dieters looking for a mouth-watering way to get their daily nutrition.*** Pure Protein® Chocolate Deluxe Bars help you deal with those annoying hunger pangs that may occur while following a low carbohydrate diet.*** The delicious chocolate flavor is one more reason to try them! Attention: Low Carb Dieters Total Carbs – 17g Less Fiber, Sugar Alcohol and Glycerin – 16g NET CARBS = 1g For those watching their carbs, count 1 gram. The remaining carbs have a lesser effect on blood sugar. 6 – 1.76 oz. (50g) Bars Net Wt. 10.58 oz. (300g) 1-800-854-5019 ***When used with a low carbohydrate, reduced calorie diet and daily exercise program.


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