Glucerna Hunger Smart Shake Homemade Vanilla – 10 oz.


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Glucerna Hunger Smart Shakes are meal or snack replacements to help manage blood sugar AND hunger. Specifically designed for people with diabetes, each shake has 15 grams of protein to help manage hunger and CARBSTEADY, a unique blend of slow-release carbohydrates, to help manage blood sugar*. The shakes also have an excellent source of 25 essential vitamins and mineral. *Helps minimize blood sugar spikes compared to high glycemic carbohydrates. Glucerna Hunger Smart shakes help manage hunger with 15 grams of protein, 180 calories and up to 5g of fiber** (**dietary fiber vanilla and strawberry – 3g; chocolate – 5g, per 10 fl oz) A meal or snack replacement with CARBSTEADY to help minimize blood sugar spikes From the #1 doctor and nutritionist recommended brand for people with diabetes Gluten-free and suitable for lactose intolerance. Not for people with galactosemia Available in Rich Chocolate, Homemade Vanilla, and Creamy Strawberry


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