Institut Arnaud Paris Eclat Jeunesse – Youthful Radiance Quick Beauty Lift Vials – 0.15 oz.


SKU: 3419401707956908


Instant tightening effect Smoothes facial features Helps erase signs of aging Through an instant tightening effect, this beauty elixir helps lift your skin, helps decrease signs of fatigue and tones. Ideal for a quick beauty lift before an evening out or to help erase signs of tiredness the next day, this vial is also an excellent primer. Who is it for? For all women looking for an instant beauty pick-up. Ideal before a night out or to help decrease signs of fatigue the following day. For all skin types. Results: Your skin is revived and smoothed. In just a few minutes, your face looks brighter. An immediate toning effect is noted by 82% of women and a smoothing effect by 95%. Helps decrease signs of fatigue for 81%. More radiant complexion for 90%. Made in France


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