I-REMOVE Fat Binder – 180 ea


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The #1-selling weight-loss formula in Europe for the last six years-now available in the U.S.! Clinically shown to help people lose up to 3X more weight than dieting alone 1 * Features a formula that is gentle on the body and doesn’t cause undesirable side effects 1 * Contains a revolutionary fat-binding formula that promotes a feeling of fullness and supports weight-loss maintenance 2* Is free of stimulants and harsh chemicals* I-REMOVE is a potent dietary supplement. When used in conjunction with a healthy diet and physical activity, I-REMOVE can triple your weight-loss efforts. 1* Eat better + move more + take I-REMOVE = achieve your goals!* How is I-REMOVE different from other weight-loss pills Shown effective in rigorous, gold-standard, published clinical studies Contains a gentle formula that won’t cause harsh side effects* Provides a pleasant feeling of fullness without stomach discomfort 2 * Is easy to incorporate into daily routines Doesn’t require pre-meal planning Pairs well with most diets and healthy weight-loss plans* Supports healthy weight maintenance 2 * How it Works I-REMOVE is an effective tool that compliments a healthy lifestyle to help you achieve and maintain your target weight. 2 By taking two I-REMOVE tablets with a full glass of water three times daily after each meal, you can reduce fat absorption by up to 28%. 3 This can significantly reduce the number of calories absorbed by the body. 3* I-REMOVE fat binder contains a proprietary formula called Litramine®; which is a natural fiber complex derived from plant extracts of the highest quality. These include sourced prickly pear cactus or nopal cactus ( Opuntia ficus-indica ) leaf and gum arabic ( Acacia sp ). During formula development, the natural, fat-binding properties of each plant are optimized to maximize the weight-loss results of a healthy lifestyle. Commit to your weight-loss plan by eating better, moving more, and taking I-REMOVE consistently for at least 30 days. Made in Germany


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