IsoPro 97 – Strawberry – 5.5lb (USA)


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Iso:Pro is our premium whey protein isolate, with 92% protein content, zero sugar and 0g fat per serving, Iso:Pro is the perfect answer to anyone looking to add lean mass to their frame. Iso:Pro also delivers an exceptional amino acid profile, offering a phenomenal 7.6g of BCAAs per 90 calorie serving.Iso:Pro’ exceptionally high protein content is the premium answer for anyone looking to build, maintain and repair lean muscle tissue. With a delicious range of flavors, it has never been so easy to ensure your muscles are fed with a stream of amino acids.Iso:Pro can be consumed at any point in the day to deliver a premium source of protein to the muscle tissue. Iso:Pro mixes excellently with water or milk. *not a reduced calorie food


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