Active Woman Vegan Blend – Banana Cinnamon – 0.88oz (USA Sample)


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Product overviewDiscover the power of plants with our Vegan Protein Blend! Our Active Women Vegan Blend™ is a delicious high protein shake sourced from plant protein and our signature blend of vitamins and minerals to enhance the shakes nutritional value. Even better, it’s available in complementary flavour options, made of course with all-natural flavours. What are the key benefits? Protein – each serving delivers over 16g of plant-based protein; this macromolecule supports the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Calorie content – perfectly tailored towards calorie controlled and weight-loss diets with less than 90 calories per serving. Formulation – specific selection of vitamins, minerals and actives: Green Tea Folic Acid and added enzymes. Free from dairy and all flavourings are natural with no added sugar! Vitamin C- contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism. Choline – contributes to normal lipid metabolism.Is this product for me? Myprotein’s Active Women Vegan Blend™ is a perfect choice for all women who are searching for a premium non-dairy protein source to boost their daily protein intake.Goes perfectly with: Active Woman Mini Shaker Your favourite fruits in a blender Active Woman Multi-Vitamin


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