Lydia’s Kind Foods Sprouted Sweet Free Cinnamon Cereal, 12 oz


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Lydia’s Kind Organics Sprouted Cinnamon Cereal A great gluten-free alternative, flavored with a hint of cinnamon spice, with a nice crunch. Try it with sprouted almond milk! Lydia’s Organics Sprouted Cinnamon Cereal is a perfect gluten free and crunchy cereal alternative for people with sugar sensitivity or candida problems. Home made, fresh, delicious! Ingredients: Sprouted Buckwheat (wheat free)*, Sprouted Sunflower Seeds*, Spouted Quinoa*, Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds*, Sprouted Almonds*, Cinnamon*, and love. *USDA certified organic ingredients Sprouted Cinnamon Cereal Nutrition Facts: Serving Size ½ cup (71g); Calories 330, Calories from fat 130, Total Fat 15g, Saturated fat 1.5g; Sodium 10mg;Total carbohydrates 44g, dietary fiber 8g, sugars 1g; Protein 12g; Vit. A 0% RDA; Vit. C 0% RDA; Calcium 4% RDA; Iron 15% RDA.


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