CytoSport Muscle Milk Light Lower Calorie Lean Muscle Protein Supplement Powder Chocolate


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Scientifically Designed For Individuals Who Want To Maximize Lean Muscle Gains While Reducing Caloric Intake. With A Precise Blend Of Rapid Releasing Whey And Slower Digesting Micellar Casein From Milk Protein Isolate/Concentrate And Calcium And Sodium Caseinate To Create A Constant Supply Of Amino Acids, The Building Blocks For Muscle Tissues. The Lean Lipids Used In This Product Are More Likely Burned For Muscle Energy And Heat Than Sorted As Fat. Medium-Chain Triglycerides, The Pre-Digested, “Fast-Burning Fats” Help Provide The Caloric Energy Needed To Fuel Exercise And Recovery. Polyunsaturated And Monounsaturated Fatty Acids From Canola And Sunflower Oil Provide Essential Omega-3, 6 And 9 Fatty Acids. Zero-Lactose, Starch-Based Complex Carbs Found In This Powder Supply Energy To The Body In The Form Of Glucose Which Is The Only Energy Source For Red Blood Cells And A Preferred Energy Source For Exercising Muscles That Are Operating Anaerobic Ally. With Less Fat And Fewer Calories But The Same Great Taste 25 G Protein Lactose Free 20 Vitamins &Amp; Minerals Our Products Are Manufactured In Compliance With Nsf International’s Gmp For Sport Registration, Including Semi-Annual Audits, Verifying That No Nsf 306-Certification Guideline Annex A List Banned Substances Exist In Our Facility. Made In Usa

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