Puffed Beef Pet Treats by Jump Your Bones – 1.76oz.


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Product Description

Now even training rewards and treats can promote good health and proper nutrition for cats and dogs. Brimming over with the protein cats and dogs love Virtually free of unhealthy saturated fats High in Omega 3 and other healthier fats Australia is a vast land with ample room for pasture grazing of cattle. Pasture feeding produces a leaner meat that?s low in unhealthy saturated fats yet rich (almost two thirds) in unsaturated fats ? the same type found in fish and olive oils. This lean, healthy, low-fat beef is put through our exclusive low temperature, low humidity DSA dehydration process. Since saturated fats never dry out, they?re eliminated from our final product. Yet, we retain all the aroma, flavor, protein, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and healthier fats ? including Omega 3. The final result — some of the tastiest, most nutritious pet treats.

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