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Dietary Supplement Made With Organic Vegetables & Herbs Whole-Food Complexed Vitamin C For Immune Support* ICS Certified Organic Whole Probiotic Nutrients Can Be Taken on an Empty Stomach While vitamin C is widely recognized for its cell protective & immune supportive effects, research on important antioxidant nutrients has demonstrated that only when the nutrient is in the form of food will it deliver its full wisdom to support health. C Food Complex™ delivers an expert blend of easily digested & highly active probiotic vitamin C with a proprietary formulation of free-radical scavenging & immune supportive herbs cultured for maximum effectiveness. Complementing the probiotic vitamin C are 19 of the most revered immune active herbs and mushrooms like astragalus & reishi, & antioxidant herbals, cinnamon & oregano. New Chapter brings the nutritional promise of vitamin C to a new paradigm in wholesomeness & efficacy. We at New Chapter® provide you an organic probiotic alternative to isolated or USP vitamins & minerals. All of our vitamins & minerals are cultured in organic soy using nature’s most prized & studied probiotics, featuring Lactobacilli acidophilus, bifidus, rhamnosus, & Saccharomyces cerevisiae. New Chapter’s Probiotic Nutrients™ deliver biotransformed vitamins & minerals in their finest cultured form, much in the same way as miso, kefir, tempeh, & yogurt. Your New Chapter Nutrients: Are Easy to Digest, Even on an Empty Stomach – They’re Cultured Whole Food! Deliver Essential Nutrients in Their Safest & Most Active Form Within the Infinite Complexity of Whole Food Provide an Energizing & Protective Array of Phytonutrients & Ferment Metabolites, Including Cultured Soy Isoflavones, Beta Glucans, Bacteriocins, Bioflavinoids, SOD, Glutathione, Lipoic Acid & Enzymes Your health, & the health of those you love, are precious & deserve the finest nutritional support. We welcome you to the living world of New Chapter’s Probiotic Nutrients”- a vital organic choice for the fullest potential of life. Why Organic Whole Food Complexes? Our bodies understand -& seek- organic nourishment, for organic whole foods deliver the ideal form of essential micronutrients that allow us to thrive. Our Earth understands – & celebrates – organic cultivation, which reduces the burden of the toxic “ides” – pesticides, fungicides, & herbicides. Our organic whole food vitamins understand & speak your language- the language of life itself. New Chapter® will donate a portion of the net proceeds from this product to the Organic Center for Education & Promotion, whole mission is to generate credible information & communicate the universal benefits of organic farming & products. Luna Nueva- New Chapter’s Organic Farm Enjoying the ecosystem of the pristine Children’s Rain Forest in Costa Rica, New Chapter’s organic spice estate serves as a model for the organic cultivation of ginger & turmeric & radiates a purity that reflects our commitment to environmental preservation & nutrient-enhancing growing practices. *This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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