Nature’s Way Perika St John’s Wort 300 mg Dietary Supplement – 60 ea


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Superior Clinically Proven Effectiveness WS 5572 Patented Extract Scientifically advanced to maintain a healthy emotional outlook.* Hyperforin-Rich Patented Extract Clinically Proven Hyperisure- System Stabilized Actives Perika® is made by the Dr. Willmar Schwabe Company, a world leader in plant-based pharmaceutical research for over 100 years. Clinically Proven to Outperform Other St. John’s Wort % of users in new clinical study reporting “much or very much improved” emotional status+ Hyperforin-Rich Perika Extract: 70% Low Hyperforin St. John’s Wort: 55% Hyperforin: The Proven “Mood Enhancing” Active in St. John’s Wort New clinical research reveals hyperforin-rich Perika® to be more effective in promoting a positive mood than low hyperforin St. John’s Wort. In fact, 15% more users reported “much or very much improved emotional status by using Perika® in comparison to other St. John’s Wort. Perika’s HyperiSure- Difference Hyperforin is rather unstable and can lose potency over time. However, using the patented HyperiSure System technology, Perika® contains a guaranteed level of hyperforin to deliver clinically proven effectiveness. +G. Laakman, C. Schule, T. Baghai, M. Kieser, Pharmacopsychiatry: Supplement Volume 31:54-59, June 1998 *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Nature’s Way®. Trust The Leaf®. Product of Germany. Supplements Note: St John’s Wort: Patented standardized extract WS5572 containing a min level of 3% hyperforin


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