Protein Ice Cream Mix – Vanilla Cookie Dough – 2.2lb (USA)


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Our Protein Ice Cream Mix is an indulgent, easy-to-make dessert ready to increase your protein intake with over 30g per serving packed into a deliciously smooth and sweet burst of flavor. Plus, there’s almost 50% less fat and sugar than your standard supermarket option, making it the perfect treat alternative. Why use Protein Ice Cream Mix? The high-quality protein content contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, and with no added sugar or sweeteners, your favorite dessert is no longer reserved just for cheat days. It comes in six great flavors, too! How do I make Whey Protein Ice Cream Mix? For a serving of high-protein ice cream, add 50ml water for every 2.5 scoops and place in the freezer after mixing thoroughly. For the very best results, mix every 15 minutes until it has reached the desired consistency. To create the ultimate treat, add our famous protein cookies to make your own protein sundae!


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