Myprotein Choline Bitartrate – Unflavoured – 0.2lb


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What is Choline Bitartrate? It’s a supplement is formed of two elements – choline and bitartrate. Choline is water-soluble B vitamin that is produced in the human body. However, natural quantities are often insufficient and it must be obtained through other dietary sources such as egg yolk, legumes, wheat germ and peanuts among others. Bitartrate enhances the absorption rate of choline within your body to maximise the benefits. Why choose Choline Biartrate? It’s used to make acetylcholine which contributes to normal lipid metabolism, the maintenance of normal liver function and normal homocysteine metabolism (which in turn aids cardiovascular function). This makes Choline Biartrate a great supplement for anyone involved with endurance activities of all kinds. Is this product for me? Choline Bitarate is recommended for those wanting to push their endurance performances to the next level, or simply looking for a high-quality source of choline.


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