Luyties Cell Salts – Throat Tissue K, 500 count


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Luyties Cell Salts – Throat Tissue K When a sore throat is signaling the beginning of a cold, or a scratchy inflamed throat is causing pain, Luyties Throat Tissue K is the homeopathic remedy. The cell salts in this combination work with the body’s natural chemistry to speed healing and soothe throat irritation. These salts are the most important when the body needs to heal inflamed tissue and acute fevers, break down phlegm and congestion, and soothe pain. Cell Salts in Throat Tissue K • Ferr Phos – Eases inflamed irritations and boosts cellular support • Kali Mur – Helps the body break down mucus discharge (especially white mucus with white coated tongue) • Kali Phos – Eases pain and calms irritated nerves Cell salts are made from minerals that are critical to our cells. Luyties exclusive Tissue remedies combine specific cell salts into groups that the body needs to naturally treat specific ailments. The cell salts in Throat Tissue K were carefully combined to speed healing and soothe throat irritation. Directions for Use: Adults, dissolve 4 tablets under the tongue every 4 hours or as needed. Children aged 2 and older use 1/2 dose. 500 tablets


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