Luyties Cell Salts – Acidity Tissue C, 500 count


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Luyties Cell Salts – Acidity Tissue C, 500 tabs Excess acidity has many uncomfortable side effects which this cell salt combination can ease. These include digestive issues, muscle and joint pain, and if not controlled unhealthy skin and mental/emotional fatigue. Formula: • Nat phos – The acid neutralizing cell salt helps the body break down acids to relieve acid stomachs, sick headaches and gas as well as muscle pains due to lactic acid buildup, and other acid-related symptoms. • Nat sulph – The fluid balancing, cleansing cell salt, helps reduce and prevent bloating, water build-up and other symptoms related to digestion and fluid imbalance. • Silica – A stengthening cell salt, it eases sluggish digestion, constipation, flatulence and a variety of skin and tissue conditions. 100% Natural, safe and worry free! Because they are made from minerals vital to our cells, these cells salts provide the gentlest, most straightforward way to restore balance, health and vitality. Benefits of Acidity Tissue B: Relief of symptoms of Gas, Acid stomach, Bloating, Nausea, Indigestion, Joint Pain, Muscle Aches, Sore Muscles. Safe and no side effects. Works very quickly. Restores healthy function nutritionally rather than suppressing symptoms. 100% natural remedy. 500 tabs.


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